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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cause I can.

Been away for a little while - trip up to Byron Bay. Ever heard of it? Its hippyville. Hippyville on crack! (If you've had a few glasses of wine like me - you'd find that really funny.....)

Why I am having wine? Alone in my flat?
Well - read the title: Cause I can!

My new mantra.

While up at Byron a couple of times I may have had a beer or two after dinner and you know why I did that? Yup - you guessed it. Because I can.

So this post may just be a jumble of random thoughts... Know why I'm doing that? Yup - cause I can! (And yes, that's even beginning to annoy me - but I'm probably not done yet...)

So time in Byron was good. Very restful - but now the final days into organising for the move are kicking in....

So the unfun stuff?
- trying to work out all landlord stuff...
- getting rear ended and having insurance companies call
- taking all the stuff off my walls
- selling my car (or not selling it as the case may be)
- selling the other bits and bobs
- packing and organising what I'm taking.
- coming into a flat that has totally bare walls... (depressing....)

Oh my God - I'm boring myself just writing about it!!!!

The less unfun stuff?
- selling my BBQ
- selling my entertainment unit

Good and necessary - but sad still to see it all drive away.... How is it that you can get attached to inanimate objects?? Maybe its just some of the memories associated with them and the emptiness that increasing in my flat...

So - I know I'm doing what I said I wanted to do - but its awful hard to get the final days. People have been great - but its starting to get to the sad point - and I still have almost 2 weeks to go.

I've already written about the really bad stuff - but I guess it too was necessary. I just wish it hadn't happened.

But goodbyes come in all shapes and forms.

I'm hoping there's some fun ones before this is all over.

But for this evening - its time out. Zero socialising - except for me and my wine bottle.

Know why? Cause I can...


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