Canadian Down Under

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello- i'm here again

Waiting for a guy to call.

never thought i'd be here again. Never thought i'd like someone new.

its good, its bad. The good? I like someone. The bad? I like someone who's keeping me waiting.

maybe one day i'll find a guy that makes it easy..

one can only hope.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Why is it the one time I keep all my receipts in order to claim my GST back I'm in the one country that won't give it back?


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Been travelling...

Have driven about 2,500 kms in the last 7 days. Tierd. (I meant to spell it that way.... Reads it out loud with attitude and you'll get my meaning....)

I have a day's reprieve and then I'm flying out to let someone else do some driving...

Hello land of the kiwi!! It'll be nice to visit one of my favourite countries I've travelled in.... with one of my old favourite travel companions (+ one).

All good - even though travelling is wreaking havoc with my new exercise regime - though I have got some swims in... however, despite having been told by my brother I can be anything I want to be (now that I'm unemployed - I been subjected to a number of 'pep' talks) - I think any dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete are firmly out of reach.

Wonder how I'll break that to my brother.

God, I love rambling....