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Thursday, June 29, 2006


(how do you spell those damn drinks???) they're my new best friend (second only to Raymond - see last post...)
On a THursday night!! I should be ashamed of myself...

But I'm sooooooo not.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Do you love me?

There's this commercial that's been on tv here forever - and the theme music has the lyrics "do you love me" in this robotic voice over and over.

And its going over and over in my head (Out damn spot!! (Who says I'm not made for Shakespeare?? (Read post from a few days ago.....)))

Ahhhh, today (tonight actually) is going to be a post of complete random thoughts methinks! (Some more Shakespeare for you!!!!)

Random Thought #2
I don't think this is a good sign:- when I do the 'corkscrew' in Pilates, my legs start to shake abnormally and my toes start to tingle. It doesn't hurt, but it does freak me out..

Random Thought #3
I really need to find a better way to tell people at work when they're wrong - but I gotta say - these last few days I've been extremely busy (I hardly ever say that, so I do mean it) and I just don't have the time or the patience to worry about people's feelings.

I've tried to be diplomatic - but it still comes out 'that number was calculated wrong'. What should I use? 'You've used the incorrect methodology, blah, blah, blah." The message is still the same: they are dumb!!!

Random Thought #4
My severe back trouble from years ago seems to re-occur in a pattern. I'm thinking it's when I ovulate on the left side (sorry to any guys reading this - but its true!)

Following the above logic - my back will finally heal when I go through menopause. Yeah. (Yes, that was sarcasm)

Random Thought #5
I experienced this great new breakfast item at one of the local cafes here - its Wok Fried Eggs & Rice. Sounds disgusting but it is SOOOOOO yummy. I've even learned to cook it at home!! (Me cooking is shock enough - but me cooking something good - even more of a shock.)

Random Thought #6
When I make rice for dinner, I always cook too much, but then I feel compelled to eat it all so it doesn't go to waste. Then I end up feeling like I need to vomit. Like now.

Random Thought #7
It doesn't matter how crap the tv program - if there's a death scene, funeral, whatever - it makes me cry. I am a wuss.

Okay. I think I'm done now.

So, do you love me?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I am SOOOO not a techo

So this post is all about giving myself an Avatar. I googled 'Lala' and there were two that worked for me - so I'm going for this one first and trying it out:

What do you think?

Romeo & Juliet

"Wherefore art thou Romeo?"

Kidding. I have no intention of quoting any more Shakespeare. It's just so not me - it causes me to think things like this:
"You can take the girl to culture, but you can't make her drink."
"You take the girl off of the beach, but you can't get the beach off of the girl."

What am I talking about? and can I please stop talking in bad cliches?

Yeah, yeah.

So last night, in conjunction with the Big Brother/Big Sister program, I took my Little Sister to see Romeo & Juliet at the Sydney Opera House. There were a bunch of matches there as we were given free tickets by a corporate sponsor - which was truly a fabulous idea - and I thought perhaps a good way to combat the 'This is SO boring" syndrome I'm currently facing when planning activities with my little sister....

Nope. Bad idea.

Do you know how LONG that play runs? I STILL have a headache... Okay, maybe the headache isn't the play's fault, but MAN - we arrived at 6:45 and didn't get out of there until 10:45. Wow, that's just too long for a 13 year......and/or someone with my attention span.

You know it's bad when someone keeps whispering "this is SO boring" and someone accidentally kicks you while crossing her legs, but it happen so many times that it can no longer be an accident. And then as I start to elbow her in retaliation and we end up in an elbow war, she bursts out laughing during some horrendously long soliloquy...

Now, I understand its Shakespeare and his philosophy basically was 'why use 10 words when you can use 1,000?', but that nearly kills me. I mean there are times when I can ramble on for ages (just check out some of my other blog entries) but I generally like just getting straight to the point.

Yeah, I don't think you'll ever be calling me a poet.

Now, I kind of knew it was going to be like that - and that it wouldn't be my favourite thing in the world, but I thought it might be nice for little sister to see the Opera House, see some Shakespeare - just something different from her current world. But I think it may have been TOO different for her.

And I think she wanted to hang out with her friends on Saturday night, but was made to go with me. Which doesn't bode well for this working.... I really like her - and I think she really likes me (which I almost never think, so she must) but I'm worried that she's going to not want to do this anymore because we don't do exciting enough stuff. And the thing is - I actually think she's exactly the type of girl who could really benefit from this program.

I hope she hangs in there.

But we've started something new as of last night - mostly because 'that was boring' doesn't tell me what she might like, and also because the phrase is starting to get on my nerves. So last night, I told her she had to tell me three things she liked and three things she didn't like about our outing. That actually went over pretty well - I found out she likes the ferry, she likes Mackers (I already knew that) and that she actually liked one of the scenes!!

But I couldn't resist mentioning as I dropped her off that I was slightly disappointed that she didn't mention spending time with me as one of the three things she liked. "Oh right" was the sarcastic response. (An inside joke with us from the very beginning - just one she pretends to not find funny....)

We were so meant for each other, but I'll definitely have to promise not to take her to anymore Shakespeare.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Time to be quoting Pink:
Yeah trouble now
I'm trouble ya'll
I got trouble in my town
I'm trouble
Yeah trouble now
I'm trouble ya'll
I got trouble in my town

Or should I be quoting Coldplay?
I never meant to cause you trouble,
And I never meant to do you wrong,
And I, well if I ever caused you trouble,
O no, I never meant to do you harm.

You know, I'm not the biggest Coldplay fan (yeah, yeah, that means I like Pink... I confess...) but the lyrics are working for me today.

What am I talking about? Well, I can't really go into detail, but suffice it say - I'm now travelling Ireland by myself.

With my particular skill set, I should really start thinking about running a course: "How to make friends and influence people."

Despite the troubles (how you like the Irish reference?) I'm still looking forward to my trip - and in fact, getting a little excited!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Classic!

Went to a meeting today that was being held on my old floor (moved floors about 6 weeks ago).

As I cruised down the hallway on the way to the meeting room (late as always....) one of the admin assistants I know was using a file cabinet nearby - so as I whizzed past, I said hello.

To be honest, she looked a little stunned and I couldn't figure out why - until suddenly I heard her exclaim ' Oh Laura - I didn't recognise you!'

Perplexed, as I hadn't really been gone all that long, I said "I haven't changed that much!"

She responded, "But you look different. You look good!"


Monday, June 19, 2006

My Mom

You might think I promised not to write about her - but what I really promised was that I wouldn't make fun of her - no matter how tempting that might be....

But seriously - work with me here for a moment - I'm feeling a little sentimental about my mom and how good she is to me, that I felt the need to tell the blogosphere. No, no - of course I haven't told her. Don't be silly!!

So what's brought this on? Well, a weekend of headaches and all of the events of the last few months has made me weak..... but more importantly, I spent quite a few hours on the phone with the woman in question yesterday and it was really nice to talk to her.

It all started because she'd left me a panic message because she'd gotten some mail from the province of Quebec that was all in French but clearly stated I was to be in court in November.

Funny a mother panicking over that one....

But once I reassured her it was only about a speeding ticket (one that I got in 2002. 2002 people!!!! Way to be on top of things....) our conversation naturally progressed to family, friends and eventually to my non-existant love life.

She's so good because she's so practical. And sometimes that's just what I need. She's practical without chastising (seems our relationship has matured....) because I think after all these years she's discovered I'm hard enough on myself that she doesn't need to beat me up as well...

Anyway, she's so reasonable that she calms me down. And then to top it off - she broke from normal practice - and told me how wonderful I am.

My mom rocks!!

Just had to share.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

TheUpside of Migraines....

Apparently migraine sufferers have stronger libidos!! Read the article here .


Thursday, June 15, 2006

I want attention

There. I've said it. I want attention. Perhaps I even need attention (though I hate to say that because I don't want to appear needy....). I used to think I was one of those 'low maintenance' girls, but I can no longer fool myself. (Pretty sure I was never fooling anyone else...)

The truth is, I equate attention with people caring and I need to know that people care. Now, I don't need to know every second of the day, or even every day, and for my friends - I don't even need to hear from them every week, but when it comes to guys I want/need it more frequently. Perhaps every couple of days??? I don't even need to SEE someone every couple of day but once a week would be nice. Wouldn't it? Maybe hear from them inbetween? Is that asking too much?

I've been a little cryptic of late in my posts in regards to a guy - but I'm nervous about putting what I think and feel out there on the off chance he stumbles across my blog. Hey, I'm feeling vulnerable enough - I mean we actually had a conversation where I told him I liked him but knew he didn't like me and I couldn't go back to being friends. That was definitely putting myself out there. For me. Maybe that's no big deal for others, but it was very hard for me.

It seemed it was a risk worth taking; he responded by telling me that he liked me and wanted to get to know me better. Which leads me to an explanation for my post yesterday....

Things haven't been going smoothly (I was going to say very smoothly, but really it's been one hell of a bumpy ride so far!). Our first time together after our talk, I got hurt by something he said and maturely lashed out and stormed off. Since then I've been unusually meek, trying to read him as to whether or not I'd ruined it, whether or not he was still interested. The last time I saw him he seemed a little standoffish and contact since then has been sporadic at best. Granted I've been away and he's had visitors, but I just don't understand how you're suppose to get to know someone if you never see them.

I've run out of patience. (Not that I had a lot to begin with.)

I don't think he's purposely being obtuse - I just don't think he realises how his actions (or more correctly his non-actions) come across. So I decided to be myself. I thought I'd make a joke about how you're suppose to get to know each other - and what I wrote was not the only thing said or the first exchange. It was meant to be funny.

Funny. Not scary.

I may be thick - but even I understand that scary does not get you attention. Or at least good attention...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Path to Singledom

begins with very small steps. Not the smallest of which is sending a person of interest an email that reads like this:

So, I was surfing the net and came across this site that suggests ways to get to know people better - it'd be interesting to know what you think (actually - the first set of questions was for kids starting school, so I've added some of my own...)

Do you have a dog at home?
Do you have a cat at home?
Which do you like better - your birthday or halloween?
When is your birthday?
Do you have a computer at home?
How was your weekend?
What are you doing this weekend?
Did you want to get together this weekend?

Good thing I like my own company....

Monday, June 12, 2006

The best place on earth

is where I live.

Check this out:

Surfers and dolphins at Queenscliff Beach. The beach a block from my place.

I just wish I had seen them with my own eyes, but its enough just to know that the dolphins like to surf a block from my house!

Life is good.
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Try not to miss me

but I'm leaving for New Zealand tomorrow and won't be back until early next week.

Try not to miss me.

I know it'll be hard.....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Work, life, Big Sisters - it's all a go.

Next is a trip to New Zealand for work and lucky me its before a long weekend so I will be staying. Staying and visiting my friend and former flatmate Christine.

Ahh, it's a hard life - but its all good!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I don't have the answer

Or any answers. Which is a problem considering I have so many questions.

For example - you know the old saying 'there's a lid for every pot'. Is that really true? Or is that just a romantic notion? Speaking of romance - is there any left in this world?

I have a friend that believes that when you meet the right guy, you'll just 'know'. That it will all be easy, fall into place and your life will change in an instant. That if some guy likes you, he will move heaven and earth to be with you. But I have to say - I think that's unrealistic and a load of crap Hollywood's built up and sold to the general masses.

I just don't think that you can turn an attraction between two people into a relationship that quickly. Or am I wrong? And if I'm not wrong and it does take time - how long does it take? At what point do you stop hoping and just give up and write it all off?

I'm serious. In my head I can understand that it doesn't happen overnight, but my heart still wants to believe in the fairy tale. I'm trying to be patient and let things evolve naturally if they're going to - but at what point do you or should you give up?

I'm just very confused, because on one hand, he still keeps in contact, but it seems to be remote contact at the moment. Some friends say its because I've been a little erratic of late and have sent mixed messages and that I just need to relax and be myself, but I'm not sure that that works for me. I'm not a patient person (with the exception of relating to children) I'm just not patient. What should I do?

How do I just give up on something before giving it half a chance? or have I already?

Friday, June 02, 2006

Been out

on the piss.

Think some guy tried to pick me up but considering he couldn't decide at first between me or my friend, it was a complete waste of effort on his part.

Do you know how hard it is to type when you're pissed?????

Wish me well tomorrow...... I have a date mid-afternoon and it'd be really nice if I didn't feel like vomiting at the wine and food festival.

But then again, I'm not a great believer in miracles....