Canadian Down Under

Sunday, February 22, 2009

He's just not that into you

So, as if my life wasn't fodder for at least three or four chapters of this book (note - that I haven't read - no need really if you've been living it...) I decided I would go see it the other night.

I went on my own. Truth is - I really wanted some popcorn...

Anyway, about halfway through the movie I happened to notice a few rows ahead of me, this guy who looked like a guy who really isn't into me - on a date.

Now if you followed that last sentence, you're kind of half laughing in horror.

I wasn't. Not at first.

But then the irony of it all kind of hit me and I had to slightly chuckle to myself.

I knew that movie was a bad idea....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

You know what happens when you break your big toe?

Apparently nothing.

Well, nothing when the x-ray department is closed - except "yup, I think its broken. You'll have to come back tomorrow when x-ray is open"

That was oh so hopeful.

Monday, February 09, 2009

I never have to leave my apartment again!!

Just discovered the beauty of ordering online.

I wonder if they can deliver without me actually having to interact with anyone..

Friday, February 06, 2009

It began in tears, it ended in tears.

That's how my day went today.

I can't even remember what happened in the middle.

This morning I was walking up from the ferry and ran into someone I knew. He tried to make conversation - and when I tried, I just ended up fighting back tears. The worst part of it all is I don't think he even noticed - and if he did, he certainly didn't care.

Fast forward to after work - sitting with some work colleagues, having a beer - and one of them (who obviously is not my closest friend) said some things to me which started to make me angry - and when I tried to respond, I embarrassingly started to cry.

I picked up my bag and left - mid-beer. Mid-sentence as well.

Even more embarrassing.
Going to bed now.
Send good vibes my way that tomorrow will be better.