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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The August challenge

Okay - I just had a thought...

See, as I was posting my last entry, I realised my last three little notes were about guys and I've decided that for each day in August (where travel doesn't impinge on my ability to write) I am going to write about some guy.

Any guy.

It can be someone I know, someone I've just met, someone who's come back from the cobwebby corner of my memories - it can even be just someone I've simply just seen on the street. Yep, don't even need to have talked to him (might even be better that way...)

Why? you may ask. Well, there's probably a thousand reasons I can come up with why I'd do that, but here's just a few:
1. I need a specific topic to make me write more (I've been neglectful of late)
2. If its about guys - some of you back home will at least be entertained.
3. I need a new focus - there's been too much work focus of late...
4. I don't know, the whole idea slightly amuses me.

Once I get through August - I will come up with a new topic for September (and am open to suggestions). We can make this interactive if you wish...

A week of peace before the madness begins!


Now some guy who I knew in Grade 7 has found me!!

How much do I hate Facebook???????

Okay - here's the thing - if I haven't spoken to you since Grade 7? There's probably a good reason - one over and above your prison record....
Not that that wouldn't be reason enough.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chicken "bok bok"

A few weeks ago, I took this weekend course. I got there on the Saturday morning a little late and not only did I not know a soul -I realised that the class was dominated by what seemd to be a pretty tight clique. It didn't really matter, but it did mean that I didn't go to the pub after the class. However, by Sunday a few people had talked to me and so I scrapped up the courage and went along to the pub.

I have to tell you - music attracts a really weird group of people.... But there were some gems. One of the guys was really funny and had me laughing - made it worth the pub mingling. As I left to go home, he asked for my number. Everyone was exchanging details so I thought what the hell..

Anyway - he's been emailing me off and on - (the on and off is actually more reflective of how crap I am at responding). I don't know what it is - he's a nice guy, he's funny, but he's not really my type (for a lot of Seinfeld reasons....) so I've probably been a little less than cooperative about getting together.

Anyway, I was telling one of my friends the other day and she kind of called me on it. Basically asking what the hell was wrong with me - that I'd met someone who's nice and makes me laugh. Wasn't that enough?

So the next time he suggested getting together I agreed.

So yesterday was the day ,ut I hadn't heard from him and by 5pm I was so exhausted from work I was thinking I could just go home and crawl into bed instead.
The idea took hold and I started to work out the details:
- pick up takeaway on way home from work.
- cocoon in flat (= don't answer phone or door)
I actually thought this sounded like a good idea, but in the end, I didn't need to go through such planning as I didn't hear from him.

Truth be told? I think I was meant to email him earlier this week and confirm or something and I managed not to..


When did I become such a coward???

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another blast from the past

Or should I say bomb?

Must admit, I'm feeling a little shell-shocked....

Now before I even start, it's unbelievable that for someone who hates Facebook as much as I do - I write about it so often.... But then again, I'm writing about what bugs me.... But then again - if it bugs me so much - why don't I stop using it?

Well, truth is - I rarely, if ever, log in - I only do in order to answer an email or a friend request. No games, no quizzes - and when I do log in, I don't understand all the drivel and where people get the time for it.

But back to friend requests. It seems - despite having an extremely common name (there must be 1,000s of me on Facebook) - old boyfriends are finding me at every turn.

The kicker this time is this guy sends me a friend request saying 'I popped up as a 'suggested friend''.

Don't you have to know someone in common?
Some mutual friend somewhere?
Never mind that we're not anywhere near the same continent...
We have absolutely ZERO connections of any kind.

So 'suggested friend'?
Me thinks no.

Me still thinking about the request....

(Have I ever mentioned my hitting the 'reject' button on a request? And how good that made me feel? Kind of like proof that there is romantic justice in this world...)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

You don't always get what you need, sometimes you get what you deserve....

Like if you name your cat Monster - its unlikely you're going to end up with a well-behaved animal.

Just a thought.

Though there are other things that I don't deserve or need, yet I seem to have - like my current job (please let no one from my company read this) or a couple of other mainstays in life (which I will not elaborate on..)

But in times like these, you just have to believe in karma. That this much trial and tribulation will result in something really wonderful and the bastards that have put you through all this? Well, they will get what they deserve...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Dance your ass off"???

They have created a show called "Dance your ass off" that is a mix of "Dancing for the stars" and "Biggest Loser".

There are a lot of people smoking some strong shit that has enabled them to believe this is a good idea. (I think I'd like some - imagine how happy I'd be about my job??)

But you know what makes it worse? There are contestants that are WILLINGLY dressing themselves in revealing clothes to dance in while in front of the cameras - despite easily being over 200 POUNDS!!!

Seriously - what are people on these days?? Whatever happened to self-respect and/or a little pride?

Pride is not always a bad thing...

Monday, July 06, 2009

What I'm really crap at...

Answering emails.


(Oh - and recently? blogging - but I guess I didn't need to tell you that one... Sorry again...)