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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Australian Idol

I confess - I watch Australian Idol. Sadly, it's not American Idol (a show I'm obsessed by) but it'll do for now...

It's down to the final 5 tonight and I missed most of the performances because of the time change (somehow I went a whole day without realising the clocks had moved ahead....) but caught the last one. The last one was by Dan and he's one of my favourites- well, he used to be, until tonight.

Although one of the judges gave him a 'touchdown' (some weird thing that happens in Australian Idol...) it just didn't rock my world.... See, he sang an Eagles song - my favourite band of all time (which I think I've talked about before) so he was going to have to pretty amazing and.... to top it off - he sang my favourite song of all time: Desperado.

Now to do well on that one - he either had to be Don Henley reincarnated or to sing with a female voice so that the interpretation was fundamentally different - well, okay, he was going to have to be Don Henley reincarnated...

He wasn't.

I think I'm going to have to pull out my Eagles CDs and listen and re-listen until Dan's version is erased from my memory.....

Why oh why do they let babies sing classics?????

Friday, October 28, 2005

I fight authority and authority always wins...

There are days when I'm a good little girl: I behave, I respect my elders, my superiors - and I manage to do it without having to fight the urge to vomit every single moment.

Those days are pretty infrequent.

Then there are other days when I'm a quiet rebel. I resent being told what to do by my elders and my superiors but I realise that if I want to keep getting a paycheque, I probably have to suck it up. I usually suck it up through deflection - meaning I accept direction of sorts but through grudging, sarcastic humour. (It helps me cope.)

Those days probably make up the majority of my days.

Then there are days like today. Days where there are no elders or authority figures to be found. A day where I can breathe easy - or so I thought. There must be some vibe sent out to the world that says I'm not chaffing at my chains, I'm not biting my tongue, that I have been let loose - and the karma Gods send people who try to boss me around, keep me on the straight and narrow, tell me what to do.


I hate being bossed around. Especially when it's by people who I think have zero authority over me and to top it off, have built no credibility with me. The worst part of it all? I'm just so crap at addressing the issue and smacking others back into line - or more specifically telling them to leave me alone. I can't tell them nicely or meanly, I just seem to take it but slowly combust inside. Until I explode quite messily all over the place (managed to not do that today...)

I think people who know me would be shocked that I shy away from confronting people - but I just can't do it.

Sigh.... Sometimes I think it's amazing that I manage to keep a job and my sanity at the same time....

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Singing in the Choir

On the ferry this morning on my way to work, I suddenly remembered something that happened when I was a kid and it made me laugh out loud. I think other commuters thought I was insane..

As per usual, I was listening to music on the way to work and for some reason it reminded me of a church concert I had been in when I was really little. It was the child's choir and it was the first time we'd done any kind of performance - I think it might have been a Christmas carol or something simple.

But what I remember most about it, was that I had been so looking forward to singing in front of everyone (I've always wanted to be a singer - preferably a rock star - but at six years old, I thought singing in the choir was pretty cool....) but the morning of the concert, I awoke with a really nasty cold. Not so nasty that I wasn't sent to church anyway, but nasty enough that I sounded all nasally and hoarse - and to my ears - like I couldn't sing.

So I didn't.

Sing that is.

I stood in the midst of the group of children and pretended. I mouthed the words, thinking no one would notice the difference. But what I didn't realise - being the obtuse six year that I was - I was actually one of the strongest voices in the choir and consequently it was VERY noticeable I wasn't singing.


Luckily though, the adults at church just thought it was cute and the other kids either didn't notice or didn't care. The adults were kind and told me what a fantastic job I'd done while trying to hide their smiles. I didn't clue in at all (until now) that I'd been caught out and thought how lucky I was to get away with not singing.

Although there was one exception: my brother - my usually quite unobservant brother. He came up to me after church and asked me why I hadn't sung. I told him it was because I had had a cold and couldn't sing. He told me I was being stupid.

Funny it takes all these years to realise my brother was trying to give me a compliment....

Seriously though - how funny must it have been to watch this Christmas concert and see this little girl in the front row mouthing the words but not singing???


Man - the way kids minds work. I guess it's a good thing I haven't been breeding......

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Another Blue Mountain Pic

How cute is this??

Roo & Baby Joey Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blue Mountain Pictures - Third Edition

The Valley Pool Posted by Picasa

I've been bad....very bad.....

But damn it was a good night!

How is that one glass of wine at a work function turns into a night of bar-hopping, slurring, drunken stumbling, childish giggling and random drunk dialing?

How is it that it's been YEARS since I've done this?

Too much fun (though my partner in crime was less enthusiastic about it this morning - but that's just because there were moose line-dancing in her head....)

One glass of wine to be social folks. That was all. I hate those work functions where you've had an afternoon of presentations and when all you want to do is leave to go home and curl up on your couch, you have to make nice nice with people. And generally the type of people you wouldn't be caught dead with if you weren't paid to talk to them.... Okay - maybe that's a little extreme.... how about: the type of people that make you want to go and stab yourself with forks because you know that'll be more fun.....

So you have a glass of wine to be social. Which was fine, but then the CFO's assistant wanted another glass and didn't want to have one by herself (note - to those who have never worked in the corporate world - becoming friends with the Executive Assistant is a MUST if you don't want to make your life a living hell) so I said 'sure why not' because 1. the reason I already listed above , but mostly 2. because I really like her (she's one of the few...).

Still - that would have been fine if I hadn't been joined by a kindred spirit (sound kind of like Anne of Green Gables there, don't I? but I don't think Anne would ever have talked about drinking in the same breath as 'kindred spirits'). We finished off one bottle, then another, then someone stole us another. Then we got kicked out of the conference room.

At that point we lost the other revellers (they were smart - they went home!) while we intended to go home. Decided to walk down to the ferry together, but as luck would have it - there were at least three or four bars in our path calling to us. Virtually begging us to go in.

Now, how could we disappoint?

It would have been fine if that's where we left it, but then we decided that we needed to check in with our boss who was away on an offsite in the Hunter Valley. Repeatedly check in. Phone calls complete with pictures of us in the bars, outside McDonald's and with some new friends we'd made. One call we didn't even speak - we were laughing so hard.

Our boss hung up on us.

Smart woman. Good thing she has a sense of humour because we're not in trouble. I think she figures our hangovers were punishment enough.

(Good thing she doesn't know about the taxi chit.....)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Blue Mountain Picture - Second Edition

This was one of my favourites spots on the walk. I've got a thing for waterfalls...

Waterfall Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Poetic License

I think I need to clarify just a little.....

It seems that sometimes my tendency towards using a little poetic license mixed with a little sarcasm means that I come off as maybe.....the words are escaping me at the moment.... but maybe I come off as a little more desperate/upset than I really am.

Sometimes what I write about is just a small moment in my day, sometimes even just a momentary thought that sounds interesting, or sometimes its something that's bothering me and I write about it the nth degree to get it off my chest/ out of my head and continue on my merry way.

And indeed, my way has been merry of late. And generally is - with the exception of last Christmas when my heart was well and truly broken and the week leading up to my visit home when I stressed myself into another realm...

It seems I've accidentally worried a few people so I thought I should clarify. How to avoid confusion in the future? Not really sure, because I refuse to give up my poetic license, but if I attempt humour, it means I'm okay. If you're not sure - just ask me - and I'll promise to come clean.....

I did it!!

I finally did it. I got my ass of my couch and went for a run.

Mind you, it was a short run - but it was a run nonetheless....

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Grand Canyon of the Blue Mountains

Okay - I've given up - I'll post one picture a day until I tire of it, till someone asks me to stop or until I run out of pictures.....

This is a picture of the 'Grand Canyon' which we hiked down into. Gotta love the haze over the mountains (hence the name 'Blue Mountains'). The haze is the sun on the eucalyptus trees makes the trees excrete their oil and create a haze. It smells really wonderful too - little to no chance of getting a cold there!!

Grand Canyon of the Blue Mountains Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 21, 2005

Fully Stocked

I just was in my bathroom and I noticed that my current tp supply is.... well.... about to take over my bathroom.

I'm trying to think if there was a sale to justify this over supply, but nah, I think I just got a little over-enthusiastic in the grocery store.

There's no way I'm running out before Christmas.

Even if the army came and stayed for the weekend, I don't think I'd run out before Christmas (and definitely not if it was the Canadian army...all 3 of them).

Well, there's one less thing to worry about. Now if only I could remember to buy dish soap....

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I just don't know

I got an answer to my email but it hasn't really helped.

Obviously, since he answered, he didn't run away screaming, but nor did he profess his undying love and a burning desire to uproot his entire life and move to Australia.

Thank God to both.

So I got a middle ground answer. I must admit to being a little disappointed. I don't really know why though. I guess I thought I'd get a definite answer but it feels like the ball was lobbed back into my court. But kind of half-heartedly.

My search for clarity has just ended with low hanging cumulus clouds rolling in.....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Young play thing"

Who'da thought that in my mid-thirties I'd get tagged with that name? Not me, but one of my friends used that to describe me in relation to a current man of interest in my life.

(Vague enough for you?)

It bugged me, but I tried to let it go. But the comment nestled itself in my brain and every once in a while something made some of my brain cells shift, making that nasty little thorn prick again. Now, instead of quietly living in my brain without bothering me, it became a constant irritant.

An itch that needed to be scratched.

So I emailed. I emailed with complete forthrightness and honesty and asked the question: what's going on?

I figure there are three possible responses:
1. I've scared him into running for the hills.
2. I've shamed him into coming clean and admitting he really does think of me as his 'young play thing', or
3. I've opened the door for him to confess his undying love.

Considering I could hardly keep the derisive smirk off my face while writing option 3 and I've never known a man to come clean at all as in option 2, my money is on option 1.

Any takers?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Little Miss Cranky Pants

That's me: little Miss Cranky Pants.

Don't know why, but just feel like I should be wearing one of those little stickers that says "Hello, my name is......"

Now I have the hiccups. I think the world is conspiring against me. Can you say drama queen, anyone?

So today started off with my morning exercise plans being cancelled because it was raining. Which should have been all good because it meant an extra hour sleep, but that extra hour sleep just made me cranky instead. See, I've been fighting off migraines all weekend - probably for a number of reasons, but the one uncontrollable reason is the weather. It's very changeable - so that little nap this a.m. set me off my game.....

Did nothing at work, then left early to go for 'High Tea' at Admiralty House (invited because of my involvement in the YWCA - it's their 125 year anniversary)

Anyway, thought it'd be cool, but as I was walking up to the guard house (seriously had to be okayed by the guards before being let on the grounds....) I noticed all the other attendees - and I mean ALL - had white hair. WHITE hair...and not by choice.


Well, got to meet the Governor of Victoria and was enlisted to take pictures of him with some of the older women. Why? How can you resist conversations like this one I overheard: "Let's ask one of these young ones, they'll take a picture if we ask. How about her?" That 'her' was me.

Cute, but no wonder I'm cranky.

I know it's early but I think I should just go back to bed and wait for tomorrow to start again.... Well, unless I can figure out how to post my pictures..... Bed after that. Sure my frustration on that one will help to improve my overall disposition......

My Blue Mountains pictures

If I could figure out how to load more than one picture at a time, I'd share some with you - but at the moment the technology has beaten me and I'm tired and frustrated, so I'm going to bed......

Anyone else ever use Picasso/Hello and know how to do it?

View of the Blueys

View of the Blue Mtns from the Lodge Posted by Picasa

Under the Waterfall

Under the Waterfall Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 14, 2005

I've just discovered

that if I had to choose which character from the Odd Couple I'd be, I'd be Felix.

That's depressing....

House Guests

Got 'em.

Til Sunday.

See you then.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Man Booker Prize Update

So - the book I completely hated? It won.

Go figure.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Tennis Anyone?

I once said yes 20 years ago. My best friend and I agreed to have two guys from high school teach us. It was a disaster and ended with one of the guys making me promise never to play again.

Seems a strong baseball swing does not a good tennis player make!

I've never played since, (or even attempted to) until tonight. My boss needed a fill-in and I agreed - with the forewarning that I'd never played before.

I expected disaster, but what I got was quite a fun evening. Although I still try to smash the ball into tomorrow occasionally, with some positive coaching on the court, I started to pick up the finer points as we played on.

I think I missed my calling in life - I shoulda been a tennis star!!!!

Tennis anyone?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Man Booker Prize

A few weeks ago, a friend spotted a course at the University of Sydney that focused on the Man Booker Prize. Held over two Saturdays (beginning this week coming up) our course materials are the books short-listed for the prize. So in less than a month, I needed to read 6 books. Totally possible as I"m a person whose reading style resembles that of a hungry person with a plate of food - I pretty much devour them.

At least that's what I said to myself when signing up for the course, but I forgot what I'm like when I'm forced to read something. (Although I have a undergraduate degree in history (meaning I passed) the number of books I didn't read far outnumbers the ones I actually did read. But I read a shit load of books in those years - just very few had anything to do with any course I took....)

But remembering this less than perfect behaviour - I thought to myself it would be a little different this time. See these are works of fiction - not historical works of literature (I'm almost starting to yawn just thinking about them....) so it should be much easier to get through the following list:

Man Booker Prize Shortlist 2005
Banville, John "The Sea "
Barnes, Julian "Arthur & George "
Barry, Sebastian "A Long Long Way "
Ishiguro, Kazuo "Never Let Me Go "
Smith, Ali "The Accidental "
Smith, Zadie "On Beauty

Not so.

The first three listed are to be read for this weekend - and so in a very logical way I decided to start at the beginning of the list.

BIG mistake. BIG. I've never read John Banville before - and I gotta tell you, after spending a few days attempting to read his stuff and only getting 100 pages into the book - I'll never read him again. (Note - I have never stopped reading a book before - no matter how bad - and I have read some really bad books in my day...)

0 for 1.

And at the same time, my friend started on Ishiguro Kazuo's "Never Let Me Go" which she found quite revolting (I don't know the details because I don't want to know what happens before I attempt to read it.)

0 for 2.

I started wondering what the selection criteria for the Man Booker Prize actually was - it certainly couldn't be because they thought a book was good.

But then I read "Arthur & George", and things improved, but in no way was I prepared for "A Long Long Way". What a FABULOUS book. Really. I LOVED IT.

I know I still have three books to go (once which I'm already mentally prepared for it to be a dud) but I really do hope this book wins. I knew where it was headed from almost the beginning, but in no way was I disappointed or was the ending spoiled. Just well-written, heartfelt and touching. Amazing for a story that is about the horrors and brutality of war. Kind of reminded me of "The Wars" written by Timothy Findlay - a Canadian author that we had to read in high school.

I read it in one day. I couldn't put it down until the last 20 pages, and I only did then because then I wanted to savour it.

If you're looking for something that's easy to read, yet stimulates your brain, I highly recommend "A Long Long Way".

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Irrational Hatreds

You know what I'm talking about - we've all had them - you barely have to set your eyes on someone to know you're not going to like them.

Then they speak..... and it's confirmed.

My friend Christine introduced me to the term "irrational hatreds" but not the concept.

Christine is a past master of irrational hatreds - and her dry wit mixed with that British accent - make them extremely funny. As long as you're not the object of the irrationality....

There's something about good friends, you don't have to know them a long time to know them well. This is true of Christine and I. The first incidence of one of her irrational hatreds (IR) occurred when we'd only known each other a few weeks. We were on a road trip to Margaret River in the southwest corner of Australia and had stopped off to do some caving and had even been coerced into a guided tour.

And that was where the trouble began.....

Okay, not REAL trouble, but we were standing around waiting to start our tour and our guide was giving pre-tour instructions (ie/ don't touch anything) when I saw Christine's shoulders stiffen.

She didn't need to say anything. I knew.

I leaned toward and whispered "You're having an irrational hatred, aren't you?"

She was so surprised, but laughed without acknowledging me. See, our tour guide was this stocky blonde woman who had this high-pitched whispery voice (the sound wasn't matching the picture....) who was setting out the rules in a very authoritarian manner - one which I just knew had to rankle with authority-phobic Christine...

We've since discovered that we can recognise IR's in each other without having to say a word - which can be quite amusing. See, if I meet someone slightly annoying with IR potential, yet Christine develops a case of IR first, I won't get it, but I can laugh at the frustration Christine is suffering through. And vice versa.

It made last weekend very interesting.

We arrived at our retreat and almost immediately ended up in the spa with a couple bottles of wine (probably not quite the best start to a "health retreat" weekend, but definitely a fun one....) We'd been there quite a while when another guest came up and asked if there was room for he and his girlfriend. We answered in the affirmative and as he was walking away to get his girlfriend, I started to laugh.

Laugh at Christine, that is. An IR had developed The guy had been nice and polite but had been WAY over-enthusiastic in a way only stereo-typical Americans can (sorry to my American readers - but I did say stereo-typical - very different from the real thing... in fact, I have quite a soft spot for Americans - one in particular but that's a completely different story...). Besides, the cheesy medallion didn't help....

The hike the following day was absolutely littered with IR's as we encountered many people sorely lacking in manners along the route. (Ill manners and ignorance/sheer stupidity are often the causes of IR's. True - read it somewhere....) It's just so funny if you're not the person experiencing it. Note - it's funny because IR's remain internal - it is not cool to verbalise and express your hatred in any form whatsoever. It's just a funny non-verbal communication between friends.

But I must say, IR's are one extreme - but the opposite can happen: you can meet someone and barely talk, yet know that you could be good friends.

One such incident happened on the trek. On the trail we kept passing and then being passed by this one women hiking alone. The last time we saw her we passed her at the bottom of the canyon. She had paused to catch her breath, so we stopped to speak. Amazingly, within only two words, she had pegged both our accents - which is truly a rare talent.

I noticed she had a little water left and that she was struggling a big - she was a heavier lady - but kudos to her for going on such a challenging walk (but really, she was so underprepared!!). Anyway, I took to her almost instantly and after chatting for a few minutes, offered her one of our bottles of water.

Over an hour and half later as Christine and I were nearing the summit, I couldn't stop thinking about that lady and hoping she was alright. Christine and I are fairly fit, but we were feeling the effects of the steep climb and had pretty much gone through the rest of our water - I couldn't help but wonder if my irrational friendship lady was okay. ( I just re-read this and I'm worried - I think I'm beginning to show maternal leanings.... the horror!!!!)

See, irrational friendships more than offset irrational hatreds, because you can act on the former, but not the latter. But I gotta tell you, friendships or hatreds, the irrationality of it all is what makes life so interesting.

Friday, October 07, 2005

"Bush said God told him to invade"

According to an article in today's Sydney Morning Herald:

"A BBC program says US President George W Bush has claimed he was instructed by God to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.

The claim comes from the first meeting between the US leader, Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, and his then foreign minister in June 2003.

The ministers told the BBC Bush also said he'd been told by God to create a Palestinian state."

Whatever happened to the premise 'separation of church and state'?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Calling all Vancouverites

Okay, first off, congrats on being named the best city to live in.

Nuff said. (Come on! I'm from Toronto what do you want from me???? It's like getting blood from a stone sometimes...)

Today is a day of coincidence. I had lunch today with someone I used to work with who has put in his papers to immigrate to Canada - more specifically Vancouver. Lunch was because he wanted to get an idea what Canada - but more specifically, Vancouver - was all about.

As per previous statement - seeing as I'm from Toronto, I could only give informed feedback about Canada, and sketchy info about Vancouver (don't worry, I said it was great...) but promised to find out what I could. This is where you come in:

  • What does a person thinking of moving to Vancouver need to know about what it's like to live there?
  • What is the predominant industry? what is the job market like, etc?
  • What's the quality of living (I put it in because I was asked it - gave an answer, but never hurts to get another point of view)
  • What are the good things about the city? What are the bad? (It's important to have a balanced, realistic view if you're thinking of uprooting your family and moving them halfway across the world...)

Thanks in advance for any info you send my way!

My Weekend

Ahhh, tomama your sarcasm knows no end!

But seriously, yes I’ve been a little slow off the mark getting back to blogging after my long weekend away. (Note to aforementioned smart ass – read LONG weekend, which might explain the delay….). My only defence is that I was at a health retreat that so relaxed me, I could barely garner enough energy to go to work yesterday, never mind blog.

Health retreat? I hear you ask. Yup. Me. Who’da thought? But it wasn’t an extreme health retreat, and in fact, was more like a low-key spa resort. What’s the difference? Well, first off, they served meat (though not really enough for this carnivore’s liking) and they didn’t flinch at all at the idea of us having wine (though the six pack of wine my friend and I brought did cause some curious looks…)

I have to tell you: it was fabulous!! Now I’m not one for over-the-top enthusiasm or raving about a place, but I’m going to make an exception this time. Dargan Springs resort is everything we hoped it would be: quiet, comfortable luxury, relaxing, pampering and beautiful. And to top it off, it was in the Blue Mountains, so we were surrounded by gorgeous scenery and amazing hiking trails. The only unfortunate thing was that there wasn’t enough time to do them all.

So what brought me there? Well, it was Christine’s idea. (Have to give credit where credit is due – because if I don’t, I’ll never hear the end of it!) See, one of the pluses of being an expat is that you tend to make friends with other expats (like attracts like in the sense that your foreignness is a common thread), but the pitfall being that expats tend to up and leave on you; kind of like Christine.

Now normally, I don’t identify people/friend’s by name, but my writing on the weekend seemed to inspire questions from Christine – questions like: “What are you writing about?” “Are you writing about me?” When I said no, I got the “Why not? Aren’t I interesting enough?” And I didn’t just get that once – I got it not only every time I started to write, but basically every time I looked at a pen. Yes, she was just trying to torment me as only good friends do, but good friends – especially this one – know there are consequences to every action. So… now I’m writing about her and I bet she’s now hoping that the answer to the last question is yes…. (not feeling so smug now are we Christine??????)

Okay, I’ve digressed. To make a long story short - Christine’s moving to New Zealand with her boyfriend in two weeks (damn Kiwi boyfriends!) and seeing as Christine and I have known each other basically since we first arrived – we were flatmates in Perth, flatmates in Sydney – and have done the occasional roadtrip and more frequent scenic walk/hike together – we thought it’d be great to spend one last weekend hanging out. Originally the plan was a spa retreat – but not only was that far too expensive, it was just too girly for the two of us, so we ended up at Dargan Springs, a place where there was a little pampering involved but also enabled us to do some serious exercise and explore a little bit more of Australia one last time.

One of the great things about Christine is that she has such enthusiasm (albeit masked by sarcasm) and energy. You know when people are described as passionate? Well, that’s Christine, but in a non-annoying way. Truly. When she gets an idea, she doesn’t just run with it, she’s like a pit bull and grabs it with both hands and all teeth and sprints with it. Sometimes it’s tiring to watch, but the great part is you only have to throw out an idea and if Christine likes it, she’ll research, plan and organise a whole event - kind of like this past weekend. (Good thing she’s moving because I’ve probably burnt that bridge now that I’ve confessed to strategically using her enthusiasm….) Only, sometimes her enthusiasm can be over-enthusiastic. This weekend is a prime example.

Christine organised everything, found a full day hike for us to do, booked us for our spa treatments, and talked to the owner at the resort. The thing is, she did it unchecked, so it wasn’t until Friday that I found out she had said we’d arrive at the resort at 8 am on the Saturday. Arrive in the Blue Mountains at 8 am - which meant we would have to leave Sydney by 6 am at the earliest. 6 am people – a time of day which is not my best unless I’m still up from the night before and have drunk a case of Red Bull.

Needless to say, that got changed.

Instead we arranged to arrive at some point after lunch; a point in time that would not only allow me to go to Pilates in the morning in Sydney, but also allow us to do a short walk before dinner in the Blue Mountains. Great plan – but it didn’t build in cushion for how slow I can move when I’ve gone into holiday mode…. But not to worry, despite the late start, the hour long lunch break in Wentworth Falls, the hour long stop at the liquor store in Katoomba (a stop which both Christine and I agreed was a necessity) we still arrived in time to do a short walk before dinner. A short walk and – as out host kindly suggested – a soak in the outdoor spa before dinner.

Now you have to picture this – we finally rock up to the resort in a flurry of gravel, slammed on brakes and bad parking. Laughing we emerge from my car and realise the host of Dargan Springs is waiting for us – and by the look on his face – wondering what the in hell has just arrived. Since we didn’t arrive until almost 5 pm, he assumed (wrongly) that we had going hiking on our way to the resort, instead of dropping our bags off first. I didn’t really understand why he seemed so confused, until I realised he’d been talking to Christine and she’s given the impression that we were hard core hikers. My hysterical laughing and the undisguised presence of a six-bottle-pack of wine for two nights corrected that mistaken impression. Christine was a little worried that he’d be upset, but I think he was more amused by the whole thing.

-and even more amused when the ‘hard-core’ hikers bypassed the evening hike and headed straight for the spa with a couple bottles of wine.

What a way to start a weekend!

So the rest of the weekend was all about much-needed rest, good food, great hikes and wonderful massages. Once I get my pictures developed I’ll share some of the scenery from our hikes and from the resort. We even got pictures of wallabies with their joeys in their pouches! I’ll post them – but it may take me a week or so – did you hear that tomama? – a week or so. But I promise not to forget.

Just like my weekend, something I won’t forget.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Been away for the weekend...

be posting again soon.