Canadian Down Under

Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm in love

Catchy heading huh?

Even more catchy seeing as I'm writing it at midnight on a Friday night. Kind of suggests that perhaps I had a great evening.

I did.

Doing my homework for my new writing class.

I'm in love: with the course, with my homework, with the positive feedback, with feeling inspired again.

So excuse me if I'm a little distant over the next little while - but new love has a way of making you forget your other responsibilities.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Resolution Update

1. Cleaning lady.


2. The other vaue item?

Effort is being made. Moderate success, but improving with time.

Not much else is new. Working too much again. but I have come up with a solution for that. Will keep you posted...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

I resolve....

Okay - I've changed my mind. I know I originally said I don't really 'do' resolutions, but I'm thinking maybe I was a little hasty.

...or maybe it was a little less than perfectly honest....

So - yes, I'm getting a cleaning lady - I've already confessed to that - but there's one more resolution I've made. So I'm going to be a little vague - but in re-reading some of my blog I've appreciated having some thoughts put down - so I want to note that I have made another resolution.

Starting today - there is a particular subject that is now off limits.
I am no longer going to talk about it.
To friends, to family or to strangers.
I may still think about, I may even write in my journal about it - but no more talking about it.

It's boring.
It's old.
Did I mention it's boring?

So that sums up my resolutions: cleaning lady and one subject off my talk list.

Sounds simple - but trust me - it won't be easy!!
Will make those quit smoking/drinking, dieting and/or exercising resolutions look like child's play!

I flushed twice...just to be sure!

And the saga from the other night continues....

I come home tonight and find a New Year's present in the middle of my floor: the Huntsman has returned. (So much for that theory of my brother's that they like to sit up high on walls and won't come down...)

And my killer attack cat (aka Monster) is having a nap in the laundry room. Oh - so sorry to disturb you...

Well, once she caught sight of it - she really was the killer attack cat. Monster cat vs monster spider.

My Monster cat won.

But it wasn't without its dramas... She lost it in the shower, found it again (well, unfortunately I found it first....) then the next thing I know she's running around with the damn thing in her mouth.

Bringing it to me.

In my bedroom.

Sweet mother of pearl!!!! I didn't really intend to start the New Year off with a full scale panic attack - but funny how life never goes quite as you planned....

Finally its dead. Monster's palying with it and looking at me and meowing. Now I'd just like the thing to magically disappear and be done with it - but I can't ignore it because
1. it won't magically disappear
2. if I don't get rid of it, it just might end in my bed in the middle of the night as a 'present'

But have you ever seen me around bugs? Never mind spiders - I'm off the charts with those suckers - and now I have to get rid of this humungous thing.

So what do I do? I get a dust pan and put it on the floor near the dead spider and try to coax my cat to bat it onto the dust pan.

Let me repeat, "coax my cat into batting it onto the dust pan".

Like I need to tell you this - but it didn't work. (I really am a whack job some days...)

Eventually with enough sips of liquid courage and some toilet paper to mask what I was doing, I got it onto the dust pan.

I even managed to pick up the dust pan and empty into the toilet without mishap.

Then I flushed.


Needed to be sure....

Oh yeah - happy new year to you too!!